The Five Studio is an independent lifestyle label that was born out of a desire to create comfortable everyday basics with an unusual aesthetic for the contemporary, not-so-basic woman.

At its core, The Five Studio is a personal reflection of our founder’s life. Her eclectic taste and particular way of dressing are the starting point for every new style. This, combined with a strong belief that more women are now redefining their personal uniforms with more outspoken pieces that spark a playful feeling in their every day, form the foundation of our small collection. We create signature pieces that we subtly refine and tweak over time, instead of completely reinventing the wardrobe every season. We believe in the power of bold colors, unexpected textures and playful prints. A classic crisp shirt in bright yellow, shiny fitted stretch trousers, or a multi-functional Terry tube top: these are all items that can function as staple pieces in the wardrobes of those who want to show their true character through timeless, qualitative and wearable yet eye-catching designs.

By offering our items in sets, bold colors and unique prints we want to create a recognizable uniform for those who feel like standing out from a saturated crowd. For the creative minds who are bold and fearless enough to choose their own paths, and just want to have a little bit of fun in dressing themselves.

Established in 2018 by Nicoline Huizenga. Designed and based in Amsterdam.