At The Five Studio we believe in slowing down the fashion industry by providing durable and stylish wardrobe staples. Because we want you to enjoy your item as long as possible, we would like to share some care tips to ensure the longevity of your item and keep you and your TFS item looking your best.

For many of our items we are using our signature ‘second skin’ fabric: a beautiful high quality polyester that we love for its soft velvet like quality, beautiful weight and drape. This fabric is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified: a label for textiles tested for harmful substances. It sets the benchmark for textile safety, from yarn to finished product. Every item bearing the STANDARD 100 label is certified as having passed safety tests for the presence of harmful substances. This means that:

  • The certified article is not harmless to human health
  • Every thread, button and accessory has been tested against a list of over 1,000 harmful substances (making it safe for sensitive skin)
  • The certified article complies with international requirements and regulations


We suggest you wash your item as little as possible. Usually it is enough to just air out a worn item. Stains can be removed topically with lukewarm water or rinse out the entire item by hand using a mild detergent. If you do want to machine wash your item, please do so by using a laundry bag and wash at the lowest temperature.

Our ‘second skin’ fabric is slightly brushed, which means the fibers on the surface are slightly delicate when it comes to friction. Contact with a rough surface could cause (light) topical pilling. If this does occur, we firstly suggest using a lint roller on the affected spot. If this is not enough you can use a lint shaver to completely smooth over the spot and make your item look as good as new.

We always think it’s better to repair than replace.